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Vibrational Reiki™

     Vibrational Reiki is a series of Three books and certifications on the combination of using traditional Usui Reiki training with sound and vibrations.

     This powerful marriage of sound, vibration and energy enhances even the most basic of healing sessions and delves deep into the layers of dis-ease and dis-harmony. This energy system works on multiple layers of healing including the physical body, emotional body and spiritual body.

     You will discover how to combine both of these wonderful modalities into your next healing session to bring healing and balance to your client base.

     In this certification you will become a Usui Reiki practitioner, a sound therapist AND a Vibrational Reiki practitioner.


Vibrational Reiki™ is the newest form of energy healing that combines Reiki, Sound and Vibrations into a system of natural healing that is more powerful and healing than any one system is alone.

   *This system contains three levels of training, attunements and certification.

   *This system is trademarked and copyrighted.


Symbols-You will be attuned to 3 symbols that will enhance your body's healing process. These symbols can be used to bring physical, spiritual and emotional healing to your life.





NOTE: ALL forks, courses, certifications and books are non refundable.

However, should a fork arrive damaged, return immediately for a prompt replacement. Do NOT wait more than two weeks after delivery to return defective merchandise as I will not honor the request.


Vibrational Reiki-Two Day Workshop

Become BOTH a Usui Reiki Level One Practitioner


A Level One Vibrational Reiki Practitioner



(10am-4pm) each of two days. 14 LIVE ce's

Mt's receive an additiona 6 FL required for free + 1 HIV/AIDS ce

Business Home Study course is also free (4 ce's) 

That's a total of 25 ce's!!! 

 (Bring a set of sheets including pillowcase, water and a snack to eat. Your course will include the manual) 




There are NO prerequirements to taking Vibrational Reiki

     There are 3 levels of training in Vibrational Reiki Certification


For Vibrational Reiki Masters 

     When you are ready to teach, you may purchase these books either online or directly through me at your special discounted price of $10 plus $5.99 postage. Contact me when you are ready to teach your own classes and I will let you know what the total of your order will be and will send you an invoice for the order. ONLY Vibrational Reiki Masters can order books at discounted prices for their classes. 


Vibrational Reiki -The Attunement Manual

This manual will be emailed to you AFTER the successful completion of the three levels of training.

You will also be shown how to pass attunements for all three levels of Vibrational Reiki™ training.


Vibrational Reiki™ Level One

    In Vibrational Reiki Level One Manual, you will be attuned to the Usui Reiki Level One level of training and you will receive one attunement and a certificate as a Usui Reiki Level One practitioner. There are plenty of easy to follow diagrams and illustrations in the book for you to follow at home.

     In addition-you will learn how to use tuning forks as both a sound and vibrational healing tool in your practice so that you will be able to call yourself a Sound Therapist. You will be given symbols to use to enhance the healing process.

     After you have finished reading the book and completed your assignments, you will receive a certificate entitling you as a 'Vibrational Reiki' practitioner.

Vibrational Reiki™ Database

      I am just starting to get practitioners posted on this webpage. If you are not added, or if your information is wrong, please drop me an email at and I will be sure to get you name and information updated.  All of my students can purchase manuals and tuning forks for their own classes. Just drop me an email for current prices. Books will be $10 and forks are 5% discount off retail prices. Save on shipping costs when purchasing items together. Drop me email for your own invoice. 

Vibrational Reiki™ Level Two

      In the Vibrational Reiki Level Two Manual, you will be shown through actual photographs and illustration, a unique set of hand positions for using Reiki Energy. All included and illustrated in the book are new symbols and new ways to activate energy in the body. When you have finished reading the first part of the book, you will receive an attunement to the new symbols so that you will be can use them in the healing session.

     Also included in the book are ways to activate certain symbols using the basic beginner tuning fork set and genesis tuning fork. You will be shown new chakras (minor chakras) that we will incorporate in the healing sessions.

     When you have completed the book, you will also receive an attunement to the rank of Usui Reiki Level Two practitioner and you will receive a certificate as proof of your Usui Reiki Level Two completion.

Registered practitioners listed below:


Vibrational Reiki™ Practitioner List

            Below is a list of VB practitioners who have requested to be listed on this webpage.


Jacqueline Resto Alpaugh

Michelle Fields,

Stella Joly,

Teresa Krautkramer,      262-675-2756

Mizue Miks,             540-808-3479

Patricia Morris,,

Deborah Nardi

Eric Oldwolfe,>

Joanna Ratanatharathorn,    734-761-6490

Suzanne Rockenbach,>

Angela Serrano,                       570-269-5282

Christine Wurst

Ulanda Kay-Coleman

Lori Weber

Jacqueline Fernandes

Ginny Poole

Angela Serrano,, 570-269-5282

Arrezu Zandieh,

Teresa Krautkramer,,  262-675-2756

Michele Royal and Nehisi Imset ,

JoEllen Bavosa,

Doug Haydan,



Daniel Hotte,

Ginette Lafontaine, 819-827-2187



JeongHyun Seong,,   +82 01028268986


Hong Kong

Cheng Yin Yung Zoey,



Faith Lahey-McCoy,




Student Comments

Hi Francine 

I really find this course exceptional . I find it very well made . 
The best I have seen by far. I love the pictures of hand placement and for what area to treat, and why .  




2021 Prices for Instructors

When you are ready to teach your own classes, I have the following prices available to you. An invoice will be sent to you when you make your request to to verify your certification.

Books will be $10 each level plus postage
8pc Student sets with hockey pucks are $52 plus postage
Genesis fork is $15  plus postage
Weighted Om tuning fork is $34.99 plus postage
Send me your requests and I will total up the order, with postage, and send you an invoice.






NOTE: ALL forks, courses, certifications and books are non refundable.

However, should a fork arrive damaged, return immediately for a prompt replacement. Do NOT wait more than two weeks after delivery to return defective merchandise as I will not honor the request.



Reiki Center of Venice 





Vibrational Reiki™ Level Three

     In Vibration Reiki Level Three Manual, you will shown the Usui Master symbol and attunement symbol. After reading this portion of the book, you will be attuned into the Usui Reiki Level Three and receive a certificate.

     In the second half of the book, you will also be given additional energy symbols to use in the healing process. Through illustrations and diagrams, you will be guided on how to use these new symbols, along with their coordinating tuning forks, in a healing session.

     Successful completion of this level will qualify you to receive the Vibrational Reiki Level Three certifcation.








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