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Florida and NCBTMB Ce's~Course Schedule for 2021



2021 Class Schedules

Reservations are a MUST!


CE Calendar 2021


Please visit for dates and times of courses currently being offered. Thank you.


(please note that you divide up a 2-day class and take them in different months-but-you must pay for it ahead of time and you must take both to receive your ce’s.)


Energetic Modalities. $249. (12 ce’s). 10am-4pm each day

Reiki One Certification. $150. (8 ce’s). 10am-7pm

Reiki Two Certification. $150. (8 ce’s). 10am-7pm

Reiki Three Certificaiton. $150. (8 ce's). 10am-7pm

Tuning Fork Massage. $249. (12 ce’s). 10am-4pm each day

Do~In Massage. $150. (8 ce’s). 10am-6pm

Hot Pack Arms and Hands. $59.99 (3 ce’s).

Hot Pack Massage Chair. $59.99 (3 ce’s).

Hot Pack Massage Face. $59.99 (3 ce’s).

Hot Pack Massage Back. $59.99 (3 ce’s).

Hot Pack Massage Legs and Feet. $59.99 (3 ce’s)

Hot Pack Massage (ALL 5 above courses). $249 (15 ce’s).

Aromatherapy for Health and Healing Massage. $249. (12 ce’s). 10am-4pm each day

Tuning Fork Therapy Level One Certification + Business Course. $399. (12 ce’s). 10am-10pm

Vibrational Reiki Part One. ($249). (14 ce’s for 2 days). 10am-6pm

Vibrational Reiki Part Two.10am-4pm

 Aromatherapy Massage. $199. (8 ce’s). 10am-6pm

Aromatherapy for MTs. $99. (4 ce’s). 1-5pm

Qigong. $150. (8 ce’s). 10am-6pm

Tuning Fork Massage. $249. (12 ce’s). 10am-4pm each day

Creating the Business of your Dreams. $79.99 (4 ce’s) Live or $59.99 (Home Study)

Understanding Research. $39.99 (6 ce’s). Home Study only

On Site Courses for Ceu's

You pick the day


Bring a friend to class with you and they pay 1/2 the cost of the class







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