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Makko Ho: Six simple exercises to bring health and vitality to the whole body

     The Makko Ho Book contains six simple exercises and stretches that work the 12 meridian systems of the body. Included in the book is information on these energy pathways and how to activate and balance them.

     Also included in the book is alternative movements for those with physical limitations. There is also information about adding breathwork, imagery and mindfulness into each of the six movements.

     A chapter on the five elements will help the exerciser to create the images that they need to make each of their movements the best that they can be.


Work at your own pace and enjoy health and balance throughout each day.


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About the Book

Makko Ho is a set of six simple exercises that restores health and vitality to the body. By moving Qi through the twelve major meridians, the energy pathways of the body, you can regain balance and vigor in as little as 15 minutes a day.



Cost of Book $12.99 plus $4.99 postage



Cost of ebook $10






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